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About us.

The eureciclo label was designed to solve two major problems: the final destination of packaging generated by companies and the marginalization of agents in the recycling chain. With this in mind, New Hope Ecotech , a leading company in the solid waste management technology industry in Brazil, has developed a platform capable of tracking and storing data from the recycling chain and created the label! Our smile certifies that companies allocate resources for the development and operation of recycling cooperatives. And that's where the idea of environmental compensation comes from: companies pay cooperatives to take the equivalent material amount (of their products' packagings) from the environment. In 2017, we began operations in Chile as the todosreciclamos label.

From the press.

eureciclo was recently chosen by Solutions&Co. As one of the most innovative positive impact solutions in the world.

Our mission

Building a sustainable world, valuing recycling.

Our vision

Exceeding recycling targets in Latin America by 2023.

Our values

Sustainable, transparent and inclusive.

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