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When buying, 59% of Brazilians analyze and take into account whether the companies adopt practices harmful to the environment.

Source: SPC Brasil, 2017
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The National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS) in Brazil set a goal: reduce 22% of the mass of materials sent to landfills by 2015, and this reduction should gradually reach 45% by 2031. So companies that produce consumer goods need to adapt and contribute to the recycling supply chain.

The brands certified by the eureciclo label comply with the law, efficiently and economically, and fulfill this commitment to society and the conservation of the environment. Thus, they take responsibility for their environmental impact, neutralizing it and contributing to the development of the recycling chain in the country. By being part of this process, companies can print the eureciclo label on their product packagings, showing the consumers their commitment to recycling.

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